Who are we?

The Northeast Ursamen is a non-political, gay fraternal organization that exists to provide bears and their admirers with opportunities to meet and enjoy time together in a variety of safe and fun social events. So you think you’re a bear? Do you like bears? Good – you’ve come to the right place! Do you want to know more about us or are you ready to join the club?


Meet our Club Officers!


David Rospo


We welcome our new President, Dave Rospo!

Dave has been an Ursamen member for seven years. In that time he has served two terms as Member-at-Large and one term as Events Coordinator, before being elected as our current President. His experience, knowledge, and dedication will help make him a valued leader.

He grew up in upstate New York, then moved to Binghamton, where he helped form the Bears of Binghamton. Moving to Connecticut seven years ago, he then joined our organization. He is a chef and has worked as a butcher to help round out his culinary field.

Dave’s goal as President, is to help build the membership and our sense of “Bear Brotherhood” both within the club, and extending that feeling of brotherhood to the whole LGBTQ community.


Randy Galinat

Vice President

Bio coming soon!

Scott Ferland

Events Coordinator

Scott joined the Northeast Ursamen during the Club’s inaugural Memorial Day weekend campout in 1993. During the course of his membership, he’s served two terms as Member-at-Large, one term as Vice President, and is now currently serving as Events Coordinator.

He is a born and bred Connecticut Yankee. A member and former officer of the original Hartford Colts MC, he brings years of experience to his current post. Commitment and perseverance are key to his approach to any endeavor.

Scott’s vision for the Ursamen is to bring back the feeling of brotherhood and camaraderie he experienced when the club was newer and much smaller – while maintaining the advantages and resources of belonging to a larger, more mature and established organization. His other main goal is to get members to become more active, participating at more events, and for them to become more self-empowered to create and run their own small groups and events.


Eric Lazarus


Eric joined the Northeast Ursamen last year with his husband Jason, and has gladly taken on the role as Secretary during the clubs 25th year.

Born and raised in Windsor, CT, Eric spent some years in Bethlehem, PA, Ithaca, NY and Greenwich Village, before moving back to Connecticut and starting a family. Eric and Jason have fought for the LGBTQ community for many years, and raised their now 23yo daughter in an out two gay dads home, fighting for basic human rights.

Eric has spent several years on non-profit boards, from being the President of an area Food and Fuel Bank, to the Vice President of the Hartford Chapter of PFLAG, and speaker for PFLAG National, to working with HGLHC and Foodshare. Giving back to the community and fighting for LGBTQ rights is part of his and his family’s nature, and he looks forward to continuing and expanding on the work that our previous boards have done, for the LGBTQ community.


Richie Glasson


Richie is our senior board member, in January 2017, he began his 12th year as the club’s Treasurer as well as being the club’s photographer.

He joined the club in 1996, and then sat on the sidelines before being nominated for Treasurer at the 2005 Annual Meeting, and has been voted in unanimously ever since. During his time on the board he has served under eight administrations, with our current President, David Rospo, being the ninth.

In addition to handling the clubs finances, he also takes care of all the corporate filings and taxes for the club. He currently resides in North Haven CT, he is happily partnered, and enjoys photography, gardening, hiking, biking, going to the beach and spending vacations in Provincetown, MA.

Richie holds degrees in Floriculture and Business Administration/Accounting. He currently works for a state university in their purchasing department, and also serves on the university President’s LGBTQ Advisory Council.


Mark O’Malley

Member at Large

Originally a native of New Hampshire, Mark moved to Connecticut in 1988 and joined the Northeast Ursamen in 1996, after hearing about the club from several different sources. His first event was the Luau at the home of then club President, Al Dro.

According to Mark, the club welcomed him and he immediately felt part of a cooperative community that supported it members. Since then he’s made many long lived friendships that have come to be his chosen family here in Connecticut.

In 1996, he also became a founding member of the Connecticut Gay Men’s Motorcycle Club. He directed that club from 2000 through 2004 which later changed its name to the Wildfire, MC. Since the motorcycle club is no longer in operation, he is now focusing the majority of his social time with the Ursamen. He looks forward to continuing and furthering the work that our prior board has done in the LGBTQ community.